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January 8 & 9, 2024. CES - Las Vegas

Connect2Car: Electrifying Future of Mobility

The transition to an all-electric future for transportation is taking a highly coordinated effort to become reality. Innovations in every area are necessary to overcome the roadblocks to success. Hear from our esteemed speakers as they pave the road for the future of e-mobility debating the opportunities from cradle to grave to leave the fossils of today in the rear-view mirror.Not since the transition from horse and carriage has our society experienced such a drastic and exciting future for connected mobility. Learn about the challenges and great opportunities to build a cleaner more efficient, and more connected future for transportation.

This year’s event will cover these important and thought-provoking topics:

Electric Vehicle Intel Report

  • Description: The future for electric vehicles and the related infrastructure as revealed by a leading mobility research expert. Revealing the future for investment for the great electric transition.
  • Presenter: Steve Greenfield – CEO & Founder - Automotive Ventures
  • Date: Monday, January, 8
  • Recording: Watch Video

Reinventing the Sales Channel Landscape

  • Description: The sales process for both consumer and commercial vehicles is changing rapidly. Will the dealership model continue to be relevant and transition using new technologies to enable the next generation of vehicle purchasing and ownership? Listen to the thought leaders of today pave the road toward a new landscape for vehicle sales, delivery, and service. Envisioning the bright future of vehicle purchasing and ownership.
  • Moderator: Steve Greenfield – CEO & Founder - Automotive Ventures
  • Presenter: Mike Stanton – President & CEO - NADA
  • Presenter: Jeremy Beaver – CEO - Del Grande Dealer Group
  • Presenter: Jessica Stafford – Senior Vice President of Consumer Solutions - Cox Automotive
  • Presenter: Beth Hill – General Council & Cheif Compliance Officer - Ford Direct
  • Date: Monday, January, 8
  • Recording: Watch Video

What Happens to Old After the New?

  • Description: What happens to the battery of hybrid and electric vehicles on the road today? Will these become an issue for future generations? What will become of electric vehicles batteries as the meet their end-of-life-cycle?
  • Moderator: Suzanne Murtha – Vice President Global Advanced Mobility, Payment Systems and Automation - AECOM
  • Presenter: Alan Amici – President & CEO - Center for Automotive Research
  • Presenter: Dirk Fuchs - CEO & Founder - Electic Mobility Consulting
  • Date: Monday, January, 8
  • Recording: Watch Video

Shaping the Future of Electrification

  • Description: Discussion of the innovations for the creation of new platforms and processes that will shape the future of electric vehicles. Lead with landscape report of current players (strengths and weakness) with predictors. All indicators show that production costs, battery life, software development and legislative changes are converging to allow better innovation.
  • Moderator: Chris Cook – President - Mobile Electronics Association
  • Presenter: Amira Aly - Vice President of Sales - Fisker
  • Presenter: Yansong Chen - Ph.D. PMP – Founder and CEO - ROPIX LLC
  • Presenter: Don Dulchinos – Director, Market Facilitation - openADR Alliance
  • Presenter: Matt Jones – Executive Director - Global Technology Strategy, Research & Advanced Engineering - Ford Motor Company
  • Presenter: Chris Moyer – Former Chief Technology Officer - Excelon
  • Date: Tuesday, January, 9
  • Recording: Watch Video

Transforming the Driving Experience

  • Description: This session will focus on industry players driving today’s digital vehicle architectures and how software-defined connected vehicles (SDCVs) are transforming the driving experience. Leading automakers and suppliers are redesigning the distribution of software functions in the connected car to enable advanced performance, safety, and convenience. The Digital EV future includes frequent, cyber-secure over-the-air updates and fast introduction of new connected vehicle features and functions to improve the driving experience and differentiate the vehicle brand.
  • Moderator: Chris Cook – President - Mobile Electronics Association
  • Presenter: Joseph Perry – Executive Director, Automotive & Transportaion - SONY
  • Presenter: Doug Wolff – UE Business Director, Automotive - Epic Games
  • Presenter: Parrish Hanna – Senior Director Automotive Consulting - Capgemini Invent
  • Presenter: Crystal Rutland – VP User Experience Wind River & CEO and founder at Particle Design
  • Presenter: Marina Saint-Lary – Chief Solutions Officer - Globant
  • Date: Tuesday, January, 9
  • Recording: Watch Video

A Glimpse into the New Generation

  • Description: Envision the future of electrification. Fast forward to 2035 and then on to the future where all vehicles are electric. Join futurist John Ellis as he reveals the day the last tank of fossil fuel is delivered.
  • Presenter: John Ellis – President USA & Head of Product - Codethink
  • Date: Tuesday, January, 9
  • Recording: Watch Video